Sweet Chastity Mistress

Confessions of a London Mistress: Sweet Chastity

Picture it: You’re already waiting for Me in the bar when I arrive, as I instructed. You’ve been here for a while, longer than perhaps necessary, but focusing on your laptop this afternoon was proving impossible. So you simply came and waited. The staff are probably wondering who this smartly dressed but visibly nervous man is, and why he’s been watching the door like a hawk for an hour.

And finally, all that watching has paid off. The door swings open and you drink all 5’5” of Me in. I’m wearing an elegant black dress that hugs my slender frame perfectly, and heeled pumps that click hypnotically on the floor tiles as I glide towards you. There’s a vintage Chanel handbag swinging from My shoulder. Your mind instantly flickers to what you know is tucked inside it.

I take My seat opposite you and My blue eyes sparkle devilishly. You squirm deliciously under My gaze, and instinctively drop your eyes. As you do, you catch sight of the necklace glinting just below My clavicle. Dangling from a fine silver chain is that most provocative of objects: a key.

Does that scenario speak to you? It certainly speaks to Me. As a London Chastity Mistress, I know full well just how powerful and transformative this form of surrender can be. For the uninitiated (and perhaps lost, if you’ve found this blog), chastity is a kink that is focused around control – both My control over you and your own self control. During a period of chastity, a submissive will be denied sexual intercourse, masturbation, or any other form of sexual release, often through the use of a chastity device. Exactly how long your chastity lasts is decided by Me, based on what you are most in need of.

Perhaps you are in need of greater focus. Many men have abjectly failed to mature beyond their horny adolescent phase, and find their attention dictated by every fleeting sexual impulse. Once locked away, you’ll find a reordering of your priorities takes place. Now, instead of following your cock, you’ll have a higher purpose – serving Me, and learning to control your urges as I instruct you. You’ll be set tasks, tests and acts of service to facilitate your complete deference to Me, becoming a more mindful and considerate man in the process.

You may also need to connect with different, more nuanced forms of pleasure. Instantaneous release is a cheap thrill. In chastity, when forced to focus less on just one body part, you’ll discover new sensations and new erogenous zones. In our phallocentric culture, this is a form of pleasure that men so often overlook. Under My guidance, you’ll become more alive to sensuality, more receptive to every shade of power exchange. And you’ll come to realise that release should not merely be an indulgent whim, but a cherished reward for your total obedience. You will learn that this pleasure is far greater than any you have known before, and that chastity can be a powerful tool for self improvement.

Maybe you need to express your absolute devotion to Me, through the relinquishing of your masculinity. Many submissives tell Me that they would do anything to please their Chastity Mistress, whilst all the while selfishly focused on their own desire and orgasm. Chastity is an act of meaningful self-sacrifice. When you are denied personal release, you will learn to find fulfilment in My pleasure, not yours. Through this, and through My full ownership of your most intimate body parts and needs, you’ll serve Me in a deeply meaningful way. Your cage will come to feel like a wedding ring: a valuable reminder of your commitment to My happiness.

And of course, maybe you need to learn exactly what you’re capable of. There are few better ways to extend and expand your training, and to build an intense bond of trust and connection with Me as your keyholder.

Be in touch if you’re ready to see just how freeing being locked up can be. Besides, I’ve never met a man who didn’t look better with his cock in a cage.

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