Asked and Answered by your BDSM Mistress

If We/we’re meeting in person (and I do hope We/we are), this will be at My home away from home: Secret27 in London. 

The playspace is chic, smart and extremely well appointed with specialist furniture and equipment – perfect for the BDSM Mistress on the go. 

Located in zone 2, it’s an easily-accessible spot to get lost for an afternoon. Or for acolytes a little further afield, I can be found online. More info about clips, phone and video chat domination is available here.

Ready to take the first step? Excellent. Once you’ve read all the information here, you can be in touch with My assistant at Secret 27. Let her know when you’d like to meet and for how long.

I’m available to meet from 11am – last booking 8pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I prefer advanced bookings, but can sometimes accommodate same day enquiries.

Before the day itself, take some time to read all the information provided here on My website. Reflect on your desires and intentions.

Seeing a BDSM Mistress can be intense, so on the day itself, stay hydrated and have a light meal or snack a few hours in advance. Secret27 has a very comfortable bathroom where you can shower and douche if you prefer, or you may do so in advance.

And crucially: Timing is everything. Arrive punctually – neither early nor late.

My schedule rarely allows for it unfortunately, and my commitments keep Me tied to London. However, If you’d like to meet for longer, I’m available for extended and full day bookings into the evening, including lunch and exploring the city, all interspersed with kink. I offer these both midweek and at weekends – what better way to spend a Sunday? If you’re not able to get to London but want to meet, the best way to get acquainted is via video or phone chat.

If you ask politely, yes, I’ll consider a request. The outfits I have available are shown here and on My twitter.

If you’re interested in something different, I’d invite you to bring Me a present. My assistant can advise on sizing, or you can consult My wishlist.

I do, and I consider 3 a magic number indeed. I specialised in teaching couples during My time at the London Dominatrix School and have been deeply touched to be invited to sessions with many gorgeous couples over the years.

Whether you want to explore a new dynamic, or learn a new skill, I’d be delighted to guide you. My assistant at Secret27 will need to speak to both of you in advance of booking, to ensure We/we’re all singing from the same kinky hymn sheet.

Sessioning with a BDSM Mistress can leave you in that most delicious zone: subspace. As such, aftercare can be vital. I always include space and time for Us/us both to decompress and return to earth after a session, and this often happens over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. If you would like to include anything specific as part of this aftercare period, let’s discuss during your consultation.

I accept cash and bank transfer sent to a discreet account. I do not accept credit card payments, Cash App nor PayPal.

If We/we’ve sessioned together in the past year, I’d be delighted to provide one for you. Do just let Me know in advance if you’re dropping my name.

Dedication pleases Me enormously. To continue on your path of submission, and to learn more about how to serve Me from afar, We/we can schedule video and phone correspondence. I also offer custom clips to ensure you remain focused on your service.

Don’t neglect to serve by purchasing My content, following My socials and gifting Me off My wishlists.

You can find some reviews here.

If you’d like to write about Our/our time together, I’d ask that you focus less on physical details and more on the experience in totality – I’m not a fan of vulgarity or tastelessness. My favourite reviews are those that sound like a love note.

These can be sent to Me directly or to My assistant at Secret27.

As a BDSM Mistress, what matters to Me most is connection. Come willing to explore, and open to new experiences, and we’ll spark. Those searching for cursory, impersonal connections need not apply.

I welcome everyone, from those nervously dipping their toe into these waters to people with decades of experience in the deep end. Sexuality, looks, gender, race and disability don’t matter one jot, although I prefer to session with those 21+.

If you have any specific physical or access needs, just let My assistant know when booking. We can then discuss these in more detail during an initial consultation.

I have practiced kink in my personal life for as long as I can remember, but I began my formal training as a BDSM Mistress over 10 years ago, with some of London’s most highly regarded kink professionals. I now teach Myself, and spent years running the London Dominatrix School.

However, I believe We should all be lifelong students, and am currently enrolled in Mistress Damiana Chi’s Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy. I particularly enjoy Her course, as she focuses on psychology – one of my greatest passions.

I take the responsibility of being a Keyholder seriously, as chastity requires considerable commitment from both parties. To ensure your dedication, I ask that We/we have known each other for at least 6 months, and that We/we have sessioned a minimum of once a month for 2 hours+ each time. Over this time, Our/our connection and trust will grow, and I will be able to determine your suitability. For Me, honesty, discipline and correct motivation are an integral part of whether We/we can progress together, and whether you will be able to meet the challenge of chastity.

Then, in advance of becoming your Keyholder, I’ll do a psychological evaluation. In My decades of experience as a BDSM Mistress, many submissives fail before they even get that far. Further to this evaluation, We/we will then draw up a contract for your chastity or long term arrangement. So – this is a commitment that I take very seriously, and will require you to do the same.

Be sure to read my blog post Sweet Chastity Mistress.

I do. You can contact my assistant at Secret27 to purchase a ‘lovingly used’ item of this nature.

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