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There are so many types of looking aren’t there? Gazing, staring, peeping, glancing – we have an awful lot of words to describe one key truth: Man is a visual animal.

But whatever word you use to describe it, one thing remains the same: I want your eyes on Me.

For those who seek ways to serve that extend beyond My London playspace, look no further. Alongside sessioning in person, I also create unique and unforgettable visual content, designed to tease, challenge and discipline you from afar. My custom Femdom clips command Man’s attention.

This is a million miles away from generic femdom clips you can find elsewhere online. This bespoke, artistic kink content provides a window into My desires, as well as illuminating your own. Each snippet extends Our/our connection, leading you towards new realms of devotion, submission and pleasure.

This work is for those who seek attention to detail, as well as those who appreciate aesthetics. This material is cinematic, nostalgic and as visually arresting as it is erotic. I take time to ensure each film is perfectly tailored to what you need to develop further – they are crafted with the dedication and expertise I’m known for. 

My clips reflect My belief that domination is so much more than harsh cruelty. For Me, kink is also about sensuality, flirtation and reciprocity, and this is at the heart of what I’ll create for you. I find power in femininity, and delight in enticing you to explore your own internal contradictions. As you’ll find, there is much to discover there.

Next Steps

Read my favourites and limits below, to gain a greater understanding of the type of fetish and femdom clips I enjoy creating. For those seeking something not mentioned here, simply get in touch and We/we can discuss your desires further.

As I plan each film thoroughly, and then create them to an exceptional HD standard, they can take up to four weeks from ordering to sending. Patience, as they say, is a virtue, and I encourage you to use this time to squirm deliciously in anticipation.

If you simply cannot bear to wait (you impatient thing), the process can be expedited (see form below). And for those with pecuniary questions: Payment is by bank transfer to My anonymous business account.

My Favourites
My Limits

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