Words of worship for Mistress Eloise

"Eloise was super fun today. She is very intimate and is great at listening to what you say and turning it into a very sexy role play. Her photos don't do her justice, she is very beautiful in person. But be careful what you ask for, if you want a paddling and then a caning, you will get it.

I will most definitely see her again, after my bottom heels up."
B. - 23 MAY 2024
"I had the inspiring experience of meeting Mistress Eloise on my first visit to Secret27 recently. As a previous London Retreat regular it was invigorating to discover this cosy, well equipped and convenient basement and relish the skills, beauty and outstanding performance of Mistress Eloise.

A shiny goddess with a knowing smile and glint in her eyes, she demonstrated her just perfect expertise in matters kink, across a wide variety of her listed services.

As a seasoned kinkster, I cannot recommend her more highly, especially if you are minded to experiment with some new experiences, as she will spoil you with her delicate, graceful but firm and knowing hands, all delivered with an amused and knowing half smile half sneer – so damn hot and the perfect Mistress with whom to explore your known and perhaps yet unknown boundaries…"
D. - 7 March 2024
“Yesterday I spent three highly stimulating hours in the company of the greatly talented Mistress Eloise. Her beauty is perfectly matched by her ability to craft an experience to stimulate both body and mind. A true master (or should I say Mistress) of her craft. If you are looking for a fully immersive experience, you cannot do better.”
A. - 27 December 2023
“Eloise… I just don’t know what to say, 2 hours of utter pleasure, I have never experienced anything like it in my entire life… and I thought I was pretty kinky before I met you! Our previous sessions have been incredible and I thought could never be beaten until now, you are a true master of your art. I can’t stop thinking about last night!”
C. - 4 October 2023
“I spent an amazing hour with Mistress Eloise. Out of character she is warm and engaging and genuinely interested in your desires. Her passion and positivity for what she does is evident in how she comes across. In character she is every inch a Goddess who expects to be worshipped. One of my memories will be her expression as she was above me. It was a cross between a smile and a sneer as she took pleasure in my suffering. Really hot!!!! I did make one mistake of booking the session and then going back to work, got absolutely nothing done! I look forward to going back (I am now Mistress’ property).”
M. - 29 June 2023
“Mistress Eloise convinced me that there is life in the old dog yet! She is a rare find, combining a high level of expertise in BDSM with exquisite personal services. Above all, she is a lovely person to be with: attractive, interesting and amusing. If I was a betting man, I would wager that she will rise to the top of her profession. Secret27 provides a pretty much unique blend of services delivered with professionalism, care, humour and respect, and I wish them well.”
N. - 18 April 2023
“This was my second visit to Nurse Eloise’s clinic. Both sessions have been truly wonderful. Eloise is both beautiful and so friendly and welcoming. That she loves her role as a Domme is not in doubt and she has taken great delight in torturing and tormenting me into a gibbering wreck. Thank you for yet another amazing session. It goes without saying that I will be back at the earliest opportunity to arrange another appointment.”
J. - 7 March 2023
“I met with Mistress Eloise for just over a 1hr session. Firstly, her pictures don’t do her justice – she really is incredibly striking in person. She was dressed the part in stockings, leather skirt and satin blouse with stunning lingerie underneath. She has a warm and friendly personality which instantly put me at ease. We had a great session involving sissy play, chastity, strap on, SPH and breast/ass worship, which was incredibly naughty. I was made to feel like a very slutty sissy and I loved every minute. Can’t recommend enough!”
B. - 10 January 2023

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